Debt, PE, M&A Advisory

Debt, PE, M&A Advisory

$350 Million+ Funds Arranged. We provide debt beyond traditional sources.
Merger and Acquisitions can be a pivoting point for your business, but it’s unchartered territory. We can help you stay on course to drive strategic value from your pursuits.

Bridge Financing

A process that bridges the gap between the time when a company’s money is set to run out and when it can expect to receive an infusion of funds, later on, is called bridge financing. Bridge financing is used to fulfil a company’s short-term working capital needs.

Working Capital Financing

Working capital financing is a service designed to boost the working capital available to a business. when a business borrows money to cover small expenses such as day-to-day operations and payroll, rather than the purchase of equipment or real estate.

Trade Financing

Trade finance is the financing of international trade flows. It acts as a third party to mitigate, or reduce, the risks involved in an international trade transaction.MIC provides a wide range of trade financing services and solutions to all your import and export requirements.

Factoring(Recourse/Non Recourse)

Recourse factoring means that the company must buy back any invoices that the factoring company is unable to collect payment on. The company will ultimately be responsible for any non-payment. Non-recourse factoring means the factoring in which the company assumes the risk of non-payment by the customers.

Project Term Loan

A project term loan is a service designed for long-term source of finance and a credit appraisal for a company extended by financial institutions or banks for a period of more than 5 years to a maximum of around 10 years.

Lease Financing

Lease financing is a type of financing of the lease in which a finance company is typically the legal owner of the asset for the duration of the lease, while the lessee not only has operating control over the asset but also some share of the economic risks and returns from the change in the valuation of the underlying asset.

Inventory Backed Funding

A short-term loan or a revolving line of credit that is acquired by a company so it can purchase products to sell at a later date is referred to as inventory financing.

Operating Lease Structure

A contract wherein the owner, called the Lessor, permits the user, called the Lessee, to use an asset for a particular period that is shorter than the economic life of the asset without any transfer of ownership rights, is called an Operating lease.

Reserve Factoring/Supply Chain Financing

Reserve factoring commonly referred to as supply chain financing is a buyer-led Fintech solution in which a financial institution finances invoices for suppliers at discounted rates and offers short-term credit against the invoice. We advise our clients about the smart SCF solution.

SUKUK & Bond Advisory

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Back To Back LCs

We provide complete advisory services for raising debt funding via issuances of SUKUK (Islamic bonds). SUKUK is a sharia-compliant bond-like instrument used in Islamic finance. It involves direct asset ownership interest. Bond Advisory is an indirect interest-bearing debt obligation.

Islamic Facilities

Back-to-back LCs essentially substitute the two issuing banks’ credit to the buyer’s and intermediary’s and help facilitate trade between parties who are dealing from great distances and who may not otherwise be able to verify one another’s credit.

Contracting Finance

Contract financing is a type of payment solution where the contractor sells an invoice to a contract financing company to receive an advance up to 90% of the invoice amount before the project begins. It provides the company cash flow which can help finance project-related costs, such as inventory and equipment.

Avalisation/BOE/PN Discounting

We help in Discounting BOEs, PNs, etc. This is a trade-related activity in which you can sell your unpaid invoices to us. Receive customised solutions that match your business needs.

Vessel/Ship Financing Real Estate

Shipping finance is a transaction involving a lender providing funding to a borrower for the purchase of a vessel (which is either a new-build vessel under construction or a vessel that already exists and which is being purchased by the borrower as a second-hand vessel) or to refinance existing indebtedness already in place in respect of a vessel.

Capital/Debt Raising

We advise clients in debt-raising and financial restructuring matters and have been successful in raising debt in many difficult situations. Our team of experts is experienced in raising debt in the simplest way possible with minimal formalities.

Private Equity Financing

Private equity is a form of private financing, in which funds and investors directly invest in companies or engage in buyouts of such companies away from the public markets. Our private equity solutions clear the way to help you stay focused on what’s important—raising equity, managing your funds and driving growth.

Strategic Advice And Assistance With Deal Planning/Execution

Through Strategic planning we help the organisation to define its direction, long-term goals, and we help with the process And plan for achieving them and getting the results after the execution.